Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where Are the Wild Things?

Now I totally understand when you are too hot to do anything even remotely creative or otherwise potentially heat generating. In fact, at lunch today all I could think about is how good it would feel to dump my chilled asparagus soup over my head.

Which I managed not to do, but I still think it would feel good.

Anyway, one of the things I usually love best in New York City is watching the sunglasses go by. Checking the scene out, I get information on trends and confirmation that I kind of understand what’s going on style-wise.

But two days in the city this week didn’t blow my mind. Oh the looks were good. Timeless and stylish. But not moving fashion forward in any way. The streets were filled with lots of simple oversized black frames for the ladies.  Oakley’s and wrap looks on the guys. Wayfarers and aviators for everyone. (Including me. Yes, I’m still loving my gray leather Tod’s aviators. It’s the first aviator I’ve tried on that didn’t give me a mean bug look and I’m absolutely reveling it.)

So my point?

Turns out I have two.

People don’t quite seem to be pulling out of the financial prudence cycle in terms of getting impulsive, sassy sunglasses.

People really should start pepping up their sunglasses again, even if they have to do some bargain shopping. Which are totally possible (like the sale at Robert Marc’s stores this week!). 

So while I’d never encourage anyone to buy sunglasses from the black market types…I’ll go off on that at some future point…I am strongly encouraging those in the fashion capitol of the U.S. to step it up with the sunglasses.

I’m warning you, New York. If you keep this up, I’m going to do a weeklong tribute to the awesome sunglasses designed in California. Or Europe. Or BOTH!

Watch it.

Here's an Italian fashion forward design and planning students in Florence highlighted X-Ide's styles with Casentino Felt. Not exactly suited for the streets, but it's definitely a new twist! (And it might help absorb sweat! Thusly solving yesterday's problems!)

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