Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Masked Spinster

So Paulo (my imaginary boyfriend) and I were in my (also imaginary) pool this weekend, and he turned to me and asked me if I wanted another blue Hawaiian. Pulling off my supa glamma enormous sunglasses to wink saucily at him in the affirmative, I noticed Paulo’s eyes widen and an extremely virile and manly giggle (chuckle? Chortle?) escaped his lips. Before he could get himself into even more trouble, he headed to the bar cart and got right to work. But still, his laughter left me with a sinking suspicion.

Using my mirrored lenses as a facial evaluator, I took a good long look. And what I saw was scary.

Oh. Craaap.

Sunglass tanlines.

Big ones.

So for the rest of this month I’m going sunglass experimental and trying rimless sunglasses and crystal sunglasses and maybe even tiny sunglasses to see if I can get my raccoon mask down to manageable size before August. Will sun actually shine through crystal sunglasses for a more even, less creepy masky tan?

My first adventure may very well be with the Prada Postcard style SPR 19M, for two reasons:
It’s still big enough for me to feel supa glamma.

AND It’s a cat-eye.

Need I say more? Well then just look for yourself.

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