Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunglasses: Seeing Green

Now before we get started here I have to warn the tree huggers and other naturally inclined individuals: Big and Sunny loves the Earth. But this particular column is about green-colored lenses and their awesomeness.  We’ll be talking about the environmentally green in the near future.

And on to green lenses.

For retro fans, nothing says classic eyewear like a green sunlens. It’s elegant, it’s athletic, and it looks like it could go from a garden party to a grouse hunt to a safari…all with appropriate wardrobe changes but the same fantastic sunglass.

Visually speaking, green lenses are more than just a pretty accessory. According to The Optical Vision Site, green lenses feature the following attributes:
"Green has slightly better contrast than the gray colors, but is not considered a high contrast lens. Green maintains true color balance and is a good choice for varying light conditions. Used for tennis, driving, and golf, as well as an all-purpose color."
Now that it's officially summer and the world is in Technocolor, stock up on your green lenses to truly enjoy the show!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Sunglass Day! (a Solstice celebration)

The weather is not exactly cooperating here in not-so-sunny Philly. But it's Solstice, the longest day of the year, and we can't let that opportunity for ongoing sunglass fabulousness go without a celebration of the sunglasses that will make the day even better. Whether you're a druid or a day-trader, these sunglasses will make you so happy that the sun isn't setting until well into the evening.

Nothing says "I am fabulous" like a Pucci sunglass...the shapes, the prints and patterns, the color. Everything about them is chic and fun and full of fancy. Add some champagne and a tanned houseboy with an open mind and you have a party!

If Pucci wasn't celebratory enough, start summer off by going right over the top with Prada's summer scene stealer: the Baroque...the runway look with curves, friezes has a wild sculptural effect. A little friendlier to the average face, but still curvy and delightful is the Minimal-Baroque with a round front.

Ok, ok, not everybody wants to go quite so far into Crazytown. But maybe, for just one party-filled day, you should fill up your wineskin, put on some fantastic sunglasses and head into the sun!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunglasses that Fit

Now here at Big and Sunny we spend a lot of time gently criticizing sunglasses wearers. Because we care. Mostly about the sunglasses that are being misused and poorly executed by their owners. Kind of like an ASPCA except for sunglasses. Which I guess would be ASPCS.

Anywhoo, one way to end up in the mockery crosshairs is to opt for a poorly fitting style. (Yes, that means you, tiny headed Taylor Swift.)

Sunglass expert Eden Wexler of eyewear manufacturer Safilo walked a few editors from the New York Times through a Manhattan Solstice shop recently to discuss proper fitting tips for sunglasses. Before you make your seasonal sunglass investments, take a few minutes to review the segment.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunglass Flirtations

Who doesn't want some summer love? If you have your hand raised, put it know you're lying! Today Big and Sunny is guest blogging over at eFlirt expert and providing a go-to dating guide that will help you select your summer love based on his or her sunglasses.

Enjoy getting your flirt on!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Return of the Sunny!

My air conditioning bill would say it's been summer for several weeks now, but my sunglass wardrobe and the calendar are begging to differ. Things are just now ready to get back to Big and Sunny for the sunniest time of year.

For my first sunglass of the season? I'm going super-duper, over-the-top glamazon...Swarovski's Amazing (yes that's the name) sunglasses. Now I went for the icy blue and she went for the blush, but otherwise we look exactly the same. It's uncanny. Sort of. Except for the clothes. And the body. And the body. And the Josh Duhamel. Well now this is going for a happy post to a discontented post!

Anyway, love love love these sunnies. I told myself I was going to go smaller this summer, but clearly there is always going to be a need for supa glamma.