Friday, July 2, 2010

My Imaginary Boyfriend's Sunglasses

As a spinster lady, I frequently get complaints that I don't pay enough attention to the hairier sex in matters sunglass. Well, so sorry men. I love you, but I tend to be shopping just for me and not for my imaginary boyfriend.

Ok, that's not entirely true. My imaginary boyfriend, we'll call him Paulo, has fantastic taste. A little pretty, a little preppy, a little rugged--he can chop wood for my (also imaginary) fireplace and then take me out for a night of romance. Sigh... But I digress.

If I did have someone special, he would definitely be wearing a hot update on a classic style. There's something about a man in a twisted classic that is so hot and chic and brainy. He's definitely the guy who can change your oil and then talk to you about Wordsworth. There are some really great, fresh looks for men that some hot celebs are sporting these days. Although neither the A-Team nor Sex and the City 2 are making anybody's Oscar short list, their leading men are looking hot, hot, hot...

Bradley Cooper in style Legend in grey fade with a custom blue lens by Allyn Scura

Evan Handler in l.a. Eyeworks' style El Rey

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