Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Athletic Support

It’s so nice to be fit.

Or so I’ve heard.

My friends who are charging healthfully into the prime of life seem to be very happy in their running world. And it seems like such a smart thing to do.

But then there’s novels to read and dogs to scritch, and frankly that comfy seat isn’t going to plump up its own cushions.  So I’m left with no choice but to relax my days away.

Oddly enough, however, my aging process seems to be continuing inexorably forward and my parts seem to be heading inexorably downward. It’s too soon for that to happen, I don’t have enough money to buy my retirement villas in Boca and Sedona or for some good, but subtle work.

As a result, I’ve determined it’s time to get moving. I’ve even signed up for the Susan G. Komen 5K in NYC in September. Now it’s time to prep to guarantee I’ll survive a 3.5-mile outing. Of course, this means starting from the eyes down (my hair is just going to have to deal…it is a workout after all). There are sunglasses out there just for the purpose of exercising, as it turns out.

Who knew?

While I don’t think I’ll need extra high performance looks just yet, there’s no time like the present to get started.

A retro look such as Belem from the reborn Vaurnet might get me started.

Or I can jam it into high gear with Brazen from Nike.
If you see me lying by the side of the road in full workout attire, please make sure my head is turned in a way that ensures my sunglasses don’t get scratched.

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  1. I'd recommend the Nike. I had a pair that I got when I worked at EB, and I loved them. Sadly, I accidentally broke one of the arms and threw them away, not realizing the arms could be replaced. Someday I'll splurge and buy myself a new pair.