Thursday, December 2, 2010

The New Dark Crystal: Super Sunglasses

So I wouldn’t do a whole posting about something just so I could tie it in with a early 1980s movie Dark Crystal from Jim Henson and Frank Oz. But then again, I might when the lead characters, The Gelfings, look like this...
However, when the new colors for acetate sunglasses from Super feature looks like this, the obscure and potentially cheesy film tie-in is just a side benefit to discussing an exciting option for cold-weather sunnies.

The color: dark brown, the style: People

For winter, these darker crystals from Italian sunglass company Retrosuperfuture are a great way to maintain that see-through look that’s been so hot for the past couple of seasons. But balancing out the translucence is a palette of rich caramel, dark brown, deep blue, and bottle green hues that have a distinctly cold-weather feel to them.

This carmel, when adding a burst of color to this modified keyhole bridge style, has a delightfully fresh feel with a distinctly historic flair.
The color: caramel, the style: Lucia
And the blue and green colors. Would I love them with more color-matched lenses? Yes. Yes I would. But I like that sort of thing, and the lenses super went with are Zeiss, so they're going for a quality thing. And the acetate colors more than adequately handle the aesthetic load.  
Above: the color: bottle green, the style: Lucia.
Below: the color: blue, the style: Andrea
These frames with a hat in a complimentary color and a supersized tube of Chapstick might be all one needs to be happy this winter.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prada Sunglasses Get Personalized

While I would personally obey Miuccia Prada's design commands...her taste is pretty darn's nice that she's willing to give designer sunglass fans a chance to take a short spin in the drivers seat with a new customizable Prada Private sunglass collection from Luxottica. According to the L.A. Times fashion blog, All The Rage, the collection launches tomorrow exclusively through Sunglass Hut.

While the frames themselves come in a simple color palette of black, white, and tort, each also comes with 45 bits with numbers, letters, and symbols that can be screwed in to a section of the sunglasses' temple.

Perfect for a personal best.

Denzel Washington: Sunglass Rescue

Ok, hold on Denzel...I'm coming to help you!

Denzel must be a Big and Sunny reader. And because I've taken a break lately due to some international travel and highly important bonding time with delightful young men and sweet little shih tzus, he is clearly at a loss for what to wear on his face to prevent squinting really creepily at Boys and Girls Club press events.

Let me give you a hint, handsome: SUNGLASSES!

In a world where D listers are tricked out in the latest shades, can we not take a moment to ensure the nation's thespian treasures are adequately sunglassed.

My recommendation would be something sexy and classic, like himself. A sassy pair of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses would not be out of the question. Mr. Washington, you would be ready for your close up for sure. Here's style PH3052...tasty, oui?
I can see I have my work cut out for me...Big and Sunny is back.