Friday, July 9, 2010

Looking Forward (to a martini)

Well dang. Had a great holiday weekend, but it left me completely discombobulated. Missed my tai chi class on Tuesday (because I thought it was Monday), went to the wrong meeting on Wednesday (because I thought it was Thursday), and today just don’t know where the heck I am.

The only sure cure for a confusing week is a pair of black sunglasses. Something dark that shouts: “I’m on the edge, and you do NOT want to get between me and my dirty martini lunch.”

This Revo style, Grand Classic, has two traits to love: matte black color and a super-shiny blue/purple mirror. Because it has a sporty look, it makes it totally ok to run and not walk to cocktail hour.
But who better to learn about protecting privacy and staying cool in chaos than an actress? 
Here, Maria Bello sports gorgeous giant black Dior style Cocotte. Now someone get Maria a refill, for crying out loud!

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