Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keep Archie, blondie. Give me the sunnies.

It’s no secret that the dark Veronica’s of this world might occasionally feel some resentment towards the fairer Betty’s in our lives. And this week’s star sightings of blond actresses Reece Witherspoon in Jason Wu and Hillary Duff in Carrera as well as quasi-actress/personality Paris Hilton in Mykita (drool!) has done nothing but up the envy factor.

I guess blonds are known for their sunworshipping, beachgoing ways.  So sunglasses and blonds do tend to go together. And, of course, there’s the medical consideration: those with blue eyes should always be in sunglasses when they’re outside so they don’t end up with macular degeneration in their golden years.

So wear sunglasses by all means, blondies, but keep your hands off of these cool styles in the future. If it's any consolation, they can keep Archie.

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