Monday, July 12, 2010

Easy like Monday morning

Lazy is a very ugly word.

It implies a certain slovenly aspect that I certainly will never cop to.

But, on the other hand, my life does qualify as a series of attempts to avoid difficulties and indulge in pleasures.

Frankly, there’s no shame in that. Is there?

One way to very effectively get away with a, and still look stylish is via a cool wrap sunglass. With the right sunglass, you can pull your hair back, splash on a little lip color, and strategically slide on a big pair of sunglasses that hides a multitude of shortcomings such as lack of eye makeup or unforeseen delays in the eyebrow waxing department—hence the use of the term "shield" in describing this eyewear style. For example, "Lady, you better do something about that unibrow or at least, for the love o' Mike, shield it!"

AND…if you match the sunglasses to a cute workout outfit, you can use the “I’m just on my way to/from the gym” excuse all day long! Who knows, maybe you actually get there at some point…

Here Fergie blends a workout and photo op in Jee Vice style Egoist.

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