Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunglasses on the Runway: DVF SS 2010

Diane von Furstenberg illustrates how a great designer takes a look and makes it truly universal. For her runway show, a healthy number of the looks were topped off by sunglasses in an eyewear shape that can send chills down the spine of the most daring spec lover: rounds.

John Lennon owned that look, and Yoko could borrow it now and then, Janis Joplin rocked them hard, but maybe pretty wouldn't be the perfect description. My point is that round sunglasses can be a tough wear.

But this show made me rethink my fear of the round. Blond and pale? Looking good!

Tawny skin with a dramatic white sunglass pop? A-mazing...
There are a few elements to these rounds that make them so much more wearable:
1. Color. That bright white isn't hiding from anything—it's a creative piece for your face and doesn't necessarily have to try so hard to blend in. So if the round is slightly-less-than-harmonious, it's ok!
2. Mirror...Conversely, a heavy mirror makes the look a little easier to handle because it does fade create a continuity with your clothing, which are being a tad reflected in the surface. Also, the perfect circles are made somewhat imperfect by the play of light.
3. Detailing. Yes, I know that I accused one Kate Hudson of over-accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses that had a brow wire. But she was also wearing a ton of jewelry. And her kitten expression smacked of mutton dressed as lamb. Which never works for me (except sometimes, when it does). These do work for me thanks because the brow wire doesn't pop like crazy, but it breaks up the super roundness in a facially nice kind of way.
I know, I know...the big hole in my logic is that all of these women are models. With professional dressing, hair, and makeup assistance. But if Fashion Week doesn't allow us to suspend our disbelief, then what will? So while I'm not so crazy as to think hot pants are a good idea for my spring wardrobe next year, I might just be rocking myself a little rounder on the sunglass front when the temperature goes back up.

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