Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not Beer Goggles, Pub Sunglasses

Fashion crossovers and sub-collections are so amazing these days. This week Big & Sunny looked at the Star Wars and Stella McCartney projects with adidas, and I longed for adidas eyewear to kick into geektacular gear and step up with a Star Wars sunglass. (Fingers crossed!)

Now here’s another great opportunity. The editors at Dazed Digital wrote about a new sub-collection in the New Balance line that brings some young to that collection. Now I’m a huge fan of comfy walking, but I long for some style, too! Now the sneaks are younging it up with trainers named after popular UK pubs.

New Balance might not be a UK-born label, but that makes their British production site even more special. Manufactured in Flimby, the trainer brand has, since its incarnation in 1906, been synonymous with stylish US design and British quality. But now, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary celebrations of the NB 576 style, the location of its factory isn't the only red and white aspect of the brand. Three styles - all named after popular UK pub names - are offered as extra value to the 576's already confirmed iconic design and well-documented quality. The King's Head, The Red Lion and The Royal Oak are the chosen ones, and they have each been given colour coding (navy, tan and burgundy), tongues with individual pub artwork and Union Jacks on the heel. Ahead of tonight's launch at the Red Lion pub on London's Hoxton Street, Dazed Digital spoke to trainer expert and Crooked Tongues maestro Gary Warnett to get his point of view on New Balance and their new pub range...

Would love to see a fairly solid and staid brand of sunglasses like New Balance get a little goose (or tipsy as it were) with a youthful grouping like this.

Here’s to that!

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