Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Furrowed Brow

The brow wire. Hmmm. Now that’s a sticky wicket, style wise.

On the pro side:

1. It’s pretty sharp.

2. It adds a real architectural feel to sunglasses.

3. Sometimes its made of shiny gold, which I simply can’t resist.

4. Also, it totally brings me back to the sweet 80s, when the hair was big and someone else was paying my car insurance.

5. When paired with the right tortoise, as it is here, it looks luxurious and the right blend of edgy and preppy.

All in all, I can’t blame Kate for being smily in her Philip Lim 3.1 style Simon from Modo. She looks cute and she’s blending retro and fashion forward, but because it’s a brownwood color, it flies right around the radar line. Not quite under the radar, but she’ll definitely make it across the border.

On the con side:

1. Architectural looks are not always great if you don’t have an architectural face. 

2. Put this sunglass on someone a little older and rounder and the bar might actually look like a suspension system for wrinkles and creases between or on one’s brows.

3. There's something about adding this detail to the frame that smacks slightly of trying too hard.

Clearly Ms. Hudson disagrees.

And since it is generally flattering and cute, the brow wire gets the ok from Big & Sunny.


  1. the 'trying too hard' detail is correct, when taken in concert with the janlgy mess she has on wrist, fingers, and even thumb. Without these, she is slightly reminiscent of Linda Kozlowski in Crocodile Dundee, who dressed ab fab (for the 80's).
    A little detail goes a long way!

  2. Amen! But, I totally support a return to 80s big hair and over-bracleting.