Thursday, September 2, 2010

The future's so bright?

It is with very mixed emotions that I write about La Lohan. She is a hot mess and it seems vulturish to write anything about her. And that particularly resonates when you see that she's made some smart recovery steps like running a red light to try to get to a club straight out of rehab or solemnly and appropriately (huh?) wearing short shorts and thigh-high stockings to her first post-incarceration court date and in a slightly less forward?....outfit for a meeting with her parole office pictured at

It just does not bode well for this young thing. But hope springs eternal and she at least gets a little credit for continuing her devotion to sunglass style. One of her first shopping stops was the high-end optical boutique Destination: Sama in West Hollywood, where she tried on cute styles before her court date. And since then she's been rocking the Sama's on a regular basis, which is just the right thing to do since they are pretty glammariffic.

As a guilty lover of all things celebrity schadenfreude (thank for the "gum" bindle, Paris!), I will express the hope that LL has soaked up some of the clean living vibes put out by the charity organization founded by Sama designer/owner Sheila Vance, The Sam Vance Foundation. And that she paid full price for the frames—a portion of Sama Eyewear's yearly sales take goes to support the anti-drug and humanitarian efforts of the eyewear manufacturer.

But I won't be surprised by anything short of her entry into a cloistered nunnery. Actually, even that would make a bit of sense.

If nothing else, at least she'll look stylish as she goes down in flames.

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