Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunglasses of Star Wars

Today should be all about the VMAs. And I’m going to get to them…tomorrow! For today, here’s a little reflection on sunwear and one of the all-time best films series. Ever. STAR WARS!

Out in space, even a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, humans, humanoids, and other life forces struggled with glare and optical discomfort due to one or more suns. If given the choice, what sunglasses would they wear. Here's my semi-professional and extremely opinionated opinion.

Yoda in Wayfarers.
Yoda is what, a thousand years old? I don’t know, Star Wars experts, please feel free to advise. The point is: this guy is busy being wise, training Jedi’s, and walking the line between tough and huggably cute. So he needs classic sunglasses that can carry him from swamp planet, to desert planet, to spacecraft in style. The enduring wayfarer is definitely going to do the trick. For the t-shirt, visit:

Luke Skywalker in Aviators

He’s young and sassy, and even though Luke doesn’t know it, his dad is a total badass. So Luke needs something that says, “I might be a patriot or a might cause a riot.” And aviators have plenty of rogue factor to allow for looks ranging from federation hero to lone wolf Jedi. (Shown: Luke Skywalker in rebel fight suit USB cover from Mimoco.) With blond hair and a tan, he'd probably rock these limited edition Michael Kors 22k gold aviators pretty hard (he is a prince by birth, after all!)

Darth Vader's Tough Glam Look

THE ultimate badass. Darth is like a space biker. But rich. Chic. Glossy. He has a fake planet for crying out loud. Yeah, it’s his bosses’ fake planet, but regardless Darth is pretty high up in the dark and tough ranks. Something from Optical Shop International, probably Chrome Hearts, a super luxe line, would definitely be in his sunglass wardrobe. Style Taint might really speak to a fellow who isn’t quite a robot and isn’t quite a man

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