Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunglass Headlines!

Image: Chilean miner Edison Pena
Extra extra...the world is doing my job for me...

Oakley helps miners face freedom safety...and looking hot! The group of miners had some varied interests and managed to make it through confinement the likes of which would freak out the vast majority of us. But with some help from the world, including some sharp Radars to help prevent eye damage during their transition to the above world, they are back in the sun.

Now Oakley's taking a lot of heat for garnering a ton of publicity for their good deed, but I sincerely have my doubts that the gang from Oakley has been planning this out in their board room for the past 60+ days. Even though they are a massive global powerhouse, can't we just give these guys a hale and hearty handshake for a job well done?

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