Friday, September 3, 2010

A Cruel Choice: Emmy Sunglasses or Cocktails



You’ve caught me packing for the holiday and shaking my first round of martinis so they're ready for the crack of noon. (Don't worry, I won't be doing the driving!)

And where is the Emmy blockbuster wrap up that I had hoped to run this week? That’s an excellent question. It’s a question that I intend to ponder over cocktails this afternoon.

But for now, my thoughts are of getting on my tracksuit, putting on some great sunglasses, and indulging in a 72-hour trip to abandon. In fact, on the way I could work these retro Nike Vintage 73 sunglasses worn by Emmy-award-winning (YAY!) actress Jane Lynch channeling her character Sue Sylvester.

While the glasses have a comedic touch in this situation—Jane Lynch just makes everything a little bit funnier—they’re a smart pick for a woman of a certain age: Especially if that age is over 40. The red acts as a blusher element on the face, bringing a little spark to your look.

That’s my sunglass beauty tip of the day: If you don't want to wear a face full o'makeup, let your sunglasses do some of the heavy lifting.

For those of you trapped in the office for the remains of the day—or, please be careful, those who are riding out the hurricane—and longing to look at the red carpet sunglass looks of the stars. Please take a look at an entertaining and star-studded rundown of Emmy night sunglass look at the Eyecessorizeblog. 

While checking it out, think about the following question: Are those wearing sunglasses doing for sun protection, style, or to protect some very expensive and high quality face work they’ve invested in with some of the finest plastic surgeons in the world? Regardless, some strong sunny choices!

Have a great weekend…cheers!

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