Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunglass road to Enlightenment

It’s hard to be opinionated.  Sometimes you make a VERY hard stand against something…such as sunglasses at night.

And on some level you’ll always feel that note of concern: will something come down the road to make you think…maybe I should reconsider my stance?

And then just that happens.

So here it is, top of a fresh week and I’m forced to wrestle with this question: does glow-in-the-dark-ness(-ousity? -hood?) make wearing sunglasses at night ok?

The answer, my friends, is…maybe. When I was a kid, I loved my glow-in-the-dark fake vampire fangs (I was into vampires before it was hip, what can I say?). And when my nephews and nieces were babies, I thought those glow-in-the-dark galaxies that were stuck on their nursery ceilings were super-cute. And on a trip to New Zealand a boat ride through a glowworm cavern just make me love that green sheen in the weirdest way. So I guess that I am biased in favor of glowing.

Converse’s Glow-In-The-Dark styles look frosty during the day and glowing neon at night in either an aviator shape or rectangular style. And although I continue to have serious questions about the wholesomeness of after-dark shade, I might have to see them myself before I make my final judgment. Hmmm.

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