Thursday, August 19, 2010

Envying Famous People Wearing Sunglasses

Things are still crazy busy for me. If I did everything I'm supposed to do today, it would be Wednesday before I got out of my chair. But Hollywood stars seem to have plenty of time to swan around wearing cool sunglasses. So here are a few of the H'wood people whose glasses I am planning to steal as soon as possible.

Jennifer Love Hewitt proves that I am in fact the last and potentially only person in the world without a pair of the beloved shiny, sexy, Mykita Franz gold sunnies. She must have a very good stylist, because no one with the bad taste to date Jamie Kennedy would be able to pick out these wonderful glasses.

Oh man, I want to be a cool person who can pull off Chloe sunglasses! I do, I do. In fact, I might just want to be Anna Paquin in general. Cute English fiance? Check. Confident smile complete with signature tooth gap? Check. Exciting pansexual PSA? Check. Blood-soaked boy sandwich Rolling Stone cover? Wait. Oh that's just crazy. But she does look awesome in Chloe Belladone sunglasses.

And finally, because I really do have to get back to work (Boo! We want to have a glass of champagne and watch reruns of True Bloooooood!), Leighton Meester is my final pick of the day of people who had better watch it before I steal their sunglasses. Even though I have never actually seen her act or sing, and although I find her name to be beyond silly, and regardless of the fact that she may very well be on set and not wearing clothing of her own choosing, I long for these Derek Lam Parker sunglasses, a tube of red lipstick, and an 18-year-old boyfriend...a slice of what I imagine her daily life to be. Sigh.

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