Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bieber Seasonal Cold

As a grown woman with no children and a shard or two of self respect, I simply cannot catch Bieber fever. But out of respect for two subjects near and dear to my heart—my niece and l.a. Eyeworks—I will share these images of Justin Bieber in l.a. Eyework's style Bent sunglasses. These stills are from a new  MTV video promo for the VMAs set to air Sept. 12.

I could take two roads here: It's appalling that Justin Bieber has to infringe even on the most wonderful things, like a great l.a.-based eyewear company (check for their futuristic shop next time you watch Bladerunner!). OR: Maybe there is hope for this kid after all.

Because I've been away for a week and am so happy to be blogging again (and my niece will kill me if I besmirch the Bieb), I will give the lad the benefit of the doubt.

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