Thursday, August 5, 2010

Privacy Enhancing Sunglasses

There are times in a girl’s life when she just wants to be alone. Not in the Greta Garbo way, but in the “no, seriously, now is just not a good time” way. I’m sure this goes for boys’ lives as well.  But I’m the SpinsterMiss, not the BachelorMister, so I’ll be selfish about my pronouns, thank you very much.

Anyway, there are those days when all of the makeup in the world can’t hide the fact that you’ve had one of those nights.

Not the good kind.

The kind of night where you actually drank that gag bottle of wine that you got for your house warming party several years before….and you found and smoked the cigarettes at the back of your junk drawer that you thought were gone since you quit ages ago….all while watching any movies that will make you therapeutically cry. And, because it’s been that kind of a day, pretty much any movie will make you therapeutically cry, from The Jerk to a nature documentary.

So the next day when you have to go to work, you’d better have something you can wear that’s big enough to cover what seems to irreparable damage to your pretty, pretty face. Sunglasses that reveal nothing beneath your stylish exterior.

Thank goodness designers are more than willing to provide us with a number of defensive sunglass options.

Large looks, such as the Peekaboo from Fendi (above) are excellent...they fairly scream "just look at the glasses and leave me alone!"

And then there is the dark, she-walks-in-beauty-like-the-night looks, such as this Valentino style 5749 that can help you fade in and out of the scene in proper privacy.

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