Monday, June 28, 2010

Keyhole Lockout

There are things I wish for: long legs, the ability to drink more than two martinis without behaving terrifyingly, world peace. But I really, REALLY wish I could pull off frames with keyhole bridges.

They look so smart, so classy, and so quintessentially elegant. Except on me they look blue stocking, prissy, and oafish. I have something called a narrow PD (pupilary distance).  Basically, the space between the centers of my eyeballs is pretty small. As a result, lots of eyeglasses look a little goofy on me. But often the gift that is tinted sun lenses can hide a world of close-set eyes. Styles I can’t pull off in a clear lens look downright, dare I say, foxy in sunglass form.

Except in keyhole bridges, which still just make me want to cry.

In my next life, I’m coming back as a waifish lass with patrician features who can pull off this paragon of preppy styling.

Until then, I’ll just dream…here's Chloe Dionee by L'Amy.

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