Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can’t Get Outta My Way(farers)

Wayfarers are way more than “Risky Business,” it's one of the ultimate eyewear icons. You name the celebrity, and there's an excellent chance that they've sported the wayfarer on screen or off. If you go into most people's accessory collections, you can bet there's going to be some take on a wayfarer, even if it's just the one with neon temples that was a giveaway from the DJ at your niece's Sweet 16 party. And although some folks are saying that the Wayfarer has served its purpose and should go back to sleep for another 20 years, there’s definitely still some more juice left in this trend. 

The Wayfarer is the equivalent of the white T-shirt. It’s an amazing building block for elaboration, or it can stand on its own beautifully. And while Ray-Ban has done lots of fun things to keep its signature style fresh, what other designers are doing with the shape is even more interesting. From sculptural detailing on the temples to exciting prints and retro upgrading, the wayfarer earns its place at the top every day.

Betsy Johnson put her signature touch of whimsy/over-the-top to the style with corner accents in a great animal print.

Ray-Ban Rare Prints adds a bit of graphic fun to the look

Ogi’s Glenhurst is a luxe take on the Wayfarer with thick acetate harkens back to the Cary grant era.

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