Friday, May 24, 2013

Sunglass Summer Starts with Serengeti

Well hello, darlings!

How are you? It's been a long, gray winter here in Pennsylvania and my collection of sunglasses and entries of sunglasses added to my Love List has grown substantially since the last edition here. So I'm taking the cover off of the pool that is known as Big and Sunny for the summer and will aim to provide you with a full season of the sunwear looks, lives, and loves needed for a truly delightful season.

That's right, a full summer of sunwear, with something for everyone, women, men, kids, cantankerous old tabby cats, and adorable shih tzus. Some of them will be pictured and charmingly described, while others (see cantankerous old tabby cat) will just live in the playground of my imagination.

Launching things on the right...eye? It's time to select the frames that will kick off the holiday weekend. With a potentially agonizing schlep down to the Jersey Shore ahead, it's going to be important to get something comfortable and suited for the long haul. And, thanks to the evil weather universe, the tint can't be too dark.

So the first sunnies for the season will be a go-to pair by Serengeti, a safe bet to start.

Wait. Before freaking out and asking: where are your mirrors, your shiny stones, your supa glam? They're coming. But today, consider flying under the flashy fashion radar and going for the shapely, matte black style, Giustina.

These glasses are a great kick off for the summer because they feature lenses that are polarized and photochromic, so you get a light tint when it's gray out and then a darker tint when it's bright. Try to say that's not awesome for driving and you'll just be talking crazy.

Plus, the frames are made of this superlight Trivex material, so you can wear them for your entire commute and not show up at your weekend beach destination with two bottles of wine, a box of truffles, and big red dents in your nose from weighty eyewear.

That's a very nice way to start the summer!

Looking forward to spending the next 104 days together rocking the best sunnies out there.

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