Friday, May 31, 2013

John Goodman rocks sunglasses on Shabbas and Beyond

Just when you think it's time to hang up your keyboard for the week, you come across a GEM that must be admired, analyzed, and posted.

John Goodman in Cazal style 995

Such as this John Goodman GEM. The man is pretty fantastic overall, and while I haven't seen the Hangover III, I'm sure he brought a splash of the best to what's getting pretty harsh reviews. Maybe the critics should look again, John's being totally badass in his Cazal's. What could be wrong about that?

Now Mr. Goodman may seem an odd place to start with expanded focus on individual sunny wearers. But this is BIG and Sunny, and while he has trimmed down substantially, he illustrates nicely how well good sunglasses hot a fellow up. Consider...

Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a cool cap
Bad ass is bad asser with yellow-lensed sharpshooters 
John goes Hollywood in Ray-Ban Clubmasters

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