Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fabulous Links: Christian Roth and Rolex Watch Bands

Christian Roth style 360 degrees in a mint that's still so fresh

Once upon a time, Christian Roth and Eric Domege created amazing eyewear—fabulosity in design inspired by their lives in the Monte Carlo and Miami style centers. And then for a brief while, they took a break...but now they're back with pop-up shops and an online shop where new and archival styles alike are available for admiration and purchase.

It's worth a visit to check out the 360 utterly iconic piece of eyewear artistry that may have inspired some timeless go-to eyewear by a designer who shall go nameless (hint: rhymes with Dom Dord).

Looking at all those delightful pieces inspired me to open the vault of my finest and favorites to share my own pair of Christian Roths...the day I those sunnies showed up on my doorstep I felt like I'd truly made it into the center of the sunglass universe. They have stood up to the style test and are still fresh after almost 10 years. When I first saw them during a product preview, Christian told be about the inspiration for the beautifully sculpted temples: the links of a vintage Rolex band.  And the purple is just fantastic...warm but metallic with just enough shine to make it work wherever in the world you may be.

Vintage Rolex from Rolex Passion Report
Christian Roth style CR14266

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