Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunglasses: Seeing Green

Now before we get started here I have to warn the tree huggers and other naturally inclined individuals: Big and Sunny loves the Earth. But this particular column is about green-colored lenses and their awesomeness.  We’ll be talking about the environmentally green in the near future.

And on to green lenses.

For retro fans, nothing says classic eyewear like a green sunlens. It’s elegant, it’s athletic, and it looks like it could go from a garden party to a grouse hunt to a safari…all with appropriate wardrobe changes but the same fantastic sunglass.

Visually speaking, green lenses are more than just a pretty accessory. According to The Optical Vision Site, green lenses feature the following attributes:
"Green has slightly better contrast than the gray colors, but is not considered a high contrast lens. Green maintains true color balance and is a good choice for varying light conditions. Used for tennis, driving, and golf, as well as an all-purpose color."
Now that it's officially summer and the world is in Technocolor, stock up on your green lenses to truly enjoy the show!

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