Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Sunglass Day! (a Solstice celebration)

The weather is not exactly cooperating here in not-so-sunny Philly. But it's Solstice, the longest day of the year, and we can't let that opportunity for ongoing sunglass fabulousness go without a celebration of the sunglasses that will make the day even better. Whether you're a druid or a day-trader, these sunglasses will make you so happy that the sun isn't setting until well into the evening.

Nothing says "I am fabulous" like a Pucci sunglass...the shapes, the prints and patterns, the color. Everything about them is chic and fun and full of fancy. Add some champagne and a tanned houseboy with an open mind and you have a party!

If Pucci wasn't celebratory enough, start summer off by going right over the top with Prada's summer scene stealer: the Baroque...the runway look with curves, friezes has a wild sculptural effect. A little friendlier to the average face, but still curvy and delightful is the Minimal-Baroque with a round front.

Ok, ok, not everybody wants to go quite so far into Crazytown. But maybe, for just one party-filled day, you should fill up your wineskin, put on some fantastic sunglasses and head into the sun!

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