Thursday, June 16, 2011

Return of the Sunny!

My air conditioning bill would say it's been summer for several weeks now, but my sunglass wardrobe and the calendar are begging to differ. Things are just now ready to get back to Big and Sunny for the sunniest time of year.

For my first sunglass of the season? I'm going super-duper, over-the-top glamazon...Swarovski's Amazing (yes that's the name) sunglasses. Now I went for the icy blue and she went for the blush, but otherwise we look exactly the same. It's uncanny. Sort of. Except for the clothes. And the body. And the body. And the Josh Duhamel. Well now this is going for a happy post to a discontented post!

Anyway, love love love these sunnies. I told myself I was going to go smaller this summer, but clearly there is always going to be a need for supa glamma.

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