Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunglasses Endanger Robert Downey Jr.!

Ordinarily the only danger I'd point out in blue-lensed sunglasses is being too hot or looking too much like big blue wearers Robert Downey Jr. (shown here with custom lenses in Oliver Peoples style Sheldrake ) and Johnny Depp. L'sigh!

But I just read this article from Lighthouse International that raises some questions about the potential damage to the eye that can result from blue lenses. It seems that blue UV is some of the most hazardous to the eye and blue lenses, you guessed it, don't block blue light. In fact, the report advises that blue lenses are extra risky because:

"They may look cool, but blue tint actually emits ultraviolet light ― which should be blocked out."
So unless you're committed to the idea of a seeing eye dog and sassy white cane in your senior years, think twice before you head outdoors on a sunny day with blue-lensed sunnies and keep these cooler than cool lookers for your inside styling.

And if you're wondering just how dangerously you're living in terms of eye health, take a peek at Transitions Optical's Healthy Sight Calculator. Hopefully cool and safe add up for you.

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