Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanks Tods Sunglasses

I don't know what's going on with the economy. Reading newspapers is just not my bag. Sure that sounds horrible and shallow, but when one is part of the working poor it's hard to feel bad about not reading other people's takes on just how bad things are.

But that's not to say SpinsterMiss has no sense of responsibility. In fact, just last month was the one-year anniversary of credit-card free life.

Yes, it completely sucks.

And yes, I did get a couple of strategic "lifetime" accessories prior to my incarceration in Camp Adulthood, including a "Good Bag" and "Classic Jewelry."

But my favorite item is a beloved pair of Tods leather aviator sunglasses. I've written about them before. They're favorite fashion color. And they're luxe as hell. Which has been such a help in the tough days of poverty that have ensued over the past year. Even if it was self delusion, wearing those sunglasses helped make my three-seasons-old shoes and Old Navy layerables feel fashionable.

Now some might say that purchases like Tods leather aviator sunglasses were just the kind of irresponsible consumerism that led me to my current life of paying with change, growing my hair out so the dog can get groomed, and coupon cutting. But, in my defense, there was an extremely deep industry discount (for which I am eternally grateful). And I'm totally going to ride on the one-pair-fits-all-so-I-didn't-have-to-buy-a-million-pairs-of-sunglasses ticket.

Moving into 2011, I'm going to try to look at less expensive sunglass options at least once a week. But I sincerely believe that, dollar-for-dollar a great, luxurious pair of sunglasses can bring you through some dark times better than a pair of throwaways from your friend's son's bar mitzvah. Happy New Year!


  1. Love this article! Grey is my favorite colour too!

  2. Gray is a total lifesaver this time of year when black frames against my winter white face are just not good!