Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Denzel Washington: Sunglass Rescue

Ok, hold on Denzel...I'm coming to help you!

Denzel must be a Big and Sunny reader. And because I've taken a break lately due to some international travel and highly important bonding time with delightful young men and sweet little shih tzus, he is clearly at a loss for what to wear on his face to prevent squinting really creepily at Boys and Girls Club press events.

Let me give you a hint, handsome: SUNGLASSES!

In a world where D listers are tricked out in the latest shades, can we not take a moment to ensure the nation's thespian treasures are adequately sunglassed.

My recommendation would be something sexy and classic, like himself. A sassy pair of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses would not be out of the question. Mr. Washington, you would be ready for your close up for sure. Here's style PH3052...tasty, oui?
I can see I have my work cut out for me...Big and Sunny is back.

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